Platinum Member of Avenues to Wealth in 7months

April 28, 2012

What does it take to become a Platinum member of Avenues To Wealth?

Earn a minimum of $3, 000 in a week as a distributor 

How can you become a platinum member in seven (7) months? 

Follow the simple strategy below 

What does it cost to join Avenues To Wealth - $300 

Strategy – How to Become Platinum Distributor with Avenues To Wealth in 7months. Total number of people personally recruited 10





Minimum CyclePayment




Recruit 3 people into your team




Support, coach, assist and encourage them to recruit 3 people into their team




Encourage & support the second tier people in your team to recruit 3 members into their team




Personally  Recruit 3 people personally into  your team to become a silver distributor




Support, coach, assist and encourage them to recruit 3 people into their team




Personally Recruit 4 people into  your team to become a Gold Distributor


$7, 290


Support, coach, assist and encourage the 4 new members to recruit 3 members into their team


$21, 870


By the 7th Month, you would have earned over $21, 870. This is well over $3,000. With this, you become a Platinum Distributor.


There are additional benefits to becoming a Platinum member of AvenuesToWealth,

·        you would have created a passive income stream that will continue to flow without any additional work from you

·        As a platinum distributor, you will be given 2 more business centres. This gives you the opportunity to earn three times what you have been earning.


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3. Kick Start your Coaching program - Video Training on how to start your own business as a Life coach

4. Get Published - Discover how to Write, Print and Sell your own book plus MP3 audio

5. FaceBook Money - video Training shows you how to Turn your FaceBook account to an income generating machine




Benefit From Our Knowledge and Earn as You Go!

April 28, 2012

How many of us will spend most of our lifetime working day in and day out, so that some day we can live our dreams? If I could show you a way, I mean really show you a way, where you could start living those dreams today, wouldn't you want to see it?



Be Ahead Of the Right Trends in the Right Industry  almost everyone knows that the best way to succeed is to find out what the world's wealthiest people are doing and follow their lead. Check any list of the World's Richest People such as "Forbes 400 Richest Americans" and you'll find one business is the most commonly listed:



Are You In The

Right Place At The Right Time?

An explosion is taking place in the real estate industry. Real estate is the one consistent wealth builder used by entrepreneurs. Why is real estate about to explode? The real estate market is about to explode because of a group of people born between 1946 and 1964 known as: 


The Baby Boomers are a billion people worldwide and have been shaping the world's economy for decades. In fact, one will retire every eight seconds for the next 20 years. They will need a residual income to carry them through retirement. And, what's the best way to build a residual income? Join Avenues to wealth 


Join us in Avenues to Wealth and gain access to exclusive wealth education products and opportunities. This will be the easiest business that you will ever build!




Don't let life pass you by! Don't let your dreams slip away! Never say "I should have" again!


I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you have.





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Search Out The Right Avenues To Wealth

April 28, 2012
 Becoming wealthy is not always an easy feat for some, but there are ways to get there. Finding the rightavenues to wealth can be the very best step to take and will allow anyone to make the money that they want. Those who are in the market to start the process can easily turn to these expert tips in order to get ahead. Start right now and begin working hard to get to the wealthy side of life.

Mapping out the right plan is always the best way to start. Those who are currently living within the wealthy bracket have had some sort of plan or guide that they did follow. Try to sit down and consider the different avenues that can be taken and what needs to be done ahead of time. A certain level of planning needs to be carried out in order to seek out the top profits.

Of course it is a must to take into consideration the certain skills or degrees that the individual can contribute to the plan. It is always a great idea to think about these skills because they will plug into the avenues to wealth that individuals are striving for. Certain certificates will also help to increase the overall amount of knowledge and will give the person a head start.

There are so many different online ventures that may or may not make the right kind of wealth. Those who do not plan right often get sucked into scams that will drain their funds and leave them with very little knowledge. It will be up to the user to be smart about what they invest in and should do the right amount of research ahead of time. Look over each of the popular ventures on the internet and find out how much money they really do pull in. Reading the fine print is often the best way to get the right heads up.

Through the best venture, the  could allow the owner to work right from home. Those who work from home often have the chance to relax and still get more work done. Not to mention the fact that the individual is going to be the boss, there is no one to answer to except themselves. Be sure to map out the right schedule and follow that so it is easy to get ahead each week.avenues to wealth

Building a website is going to allow the owner to get in touch with their customers or clients. This is also a way to pull in new people and make sure that they sales are up and the company is doing well. Be sure to get with a professional designer in order to get the best looking site, or use a number of different templates. If the site is not marketed the right way, it will be hard to see high results.

Of course, extra tools such as software versions will be able to take care of the results. These tools will make keyword suggestions for search engine optimization as well as help with the overall maintenance of the site. Invest in these tools and life is going to get a whole lot easier.

It is the right time now to start thinking about the . There are many great ideas and tools that anyone will be able to tap into. Take the time to get started right now and look into the current skills and experience to jump into something.avenues to wealth

Are you looking to find more information on where you can find out more about the right Avenues To Wealth? Visit my website to find out more! So why are you hesitating? Visit my website  to find out where you can find out how you can improve the different Avenues To Wealth available for youto be successful.

Make Money Through Avenues To Wealth

April 28, 2012

You can change your life and become wealthy through a wonderful opportunity presented by Avenues to Wealth. Not one avenue, but many, can direct a steady flow of income into your personal account. 

The concept is basic. A product is sold to one person, and he sells the same product to others. They sell the product to others, and so a network spins itself across the world. Once you have made a sale profits from it begin vibration across the entire network, like little tugs at a spider’s web. Every tug, at every intersection represents some profit for you. 

You may be standing on a ski slope in Austria while sales are taking place in New York, and your income will be growing as you slide down the slope. After the effort of the first sale the momentum grows rapidly, and with it grows your personal wealth.

When you join the network and start selling, the process begins for you. Sophisticated software tracks sales across the Globe, attributing the profits earned for you by other sales people to your account. Computer software makes it all possible, but the initial idea is ancient. 

A clever young man did something so good for the Emperor of China that he was offered what ever reward he chose. He surprised everyone by choosing a single grain of rice to be placed upon one square of a chessboard. The following day two grains would have to be placed on the next square, then four, then eight, and so on. Soon the Emperor was horrified to learn that he had given away the value of his Empire in rice. So he had the young man decapitated.


The Avenue to Wealth scheme is designed with a similar concept in mind. A single sale will have repercussions, along the avenue. Each sale that takes place reverberates back to the source of the original sale. It’s not quite compound interest, but works along similar lines. 

Many multi marketing plans work across the globe, and there are some common complaints and criticisms levelled at them. It is wise to deal with these right away. One is that an initial purchase must be made right away in order for a person to start benefiting. This is perfectly true. A person must buy a Privilege Pack in order to be assigned a place on the Network, and get a good feel for the product that he will be selling himself.


But there is not a single business opportunity anywhere that does not require an initial investment of some kind. Even a seller of bananas on the street needs to buy a box of fruit up front before she can begin selling. And the rewards possible from Avenue to Wealth are considerably greater. 

A further source of complaints is that the purchaser has to make sales in order to join the profit revenue stream. This too is true. Anyone who joins the scheme should be prepared to sell the Privilege Packs, and keep selling them. Again, this is reasonable because the avenue to wealth is along the selling road. However, unlike a door-to-door salesperson, every sale in this scheme is likely to generate many more commissions all benefiting the original sales person. That is fair enough. 

Once it is accepted that this is an opportunity to set up a profitable marketing business that involves the worldwide selling of a great product, the logic at the root of Avenues to Wealth becomes compelling.


Learn more about Avenues To Wealth. Stop by our site where you can find out all about Avenues To Wealth and how it can help to you.


Purchase Your Privilege Pack Now


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Create multiple streams of residual income with Avenues To wealth

April 28, 2012


Avenues to Wealth  is an Exclusive International Club providing access to resort accommodation, cruises and holidays at very discounted rates offering the potential to save thousands of dollars on the cost of future vacations! and by simply sharing this great news with others you can qualify for  and CASH REWARDS FREE LUXURY VACATIONSto spend on your holiday. . or anything else you desire.

Avenues to Wealth  is a ticket to your land of dreams. If your current job and income are disappointing, and you’re struggling to make ends meet; it’s time you took the smart shortcut out by joining Avenues to wealth as you get

• Access to lucrative real estate investments through either individual or fractional ownership
• Massively discounted holiday packages that negotiated with  huge bulk-buying clout
• Free vacations in selected locations as a bonus to Distributors
• All-expenses paid Leadership Retreats twice a year for qualifying Distributors
• US$3,000 worth of eBooks downloadable upon joining
• Country-specific discounts on accommodation, telecommunications and a variety of everyday products
• The ability to refer the Avenues to Wealth program to others, making a healthy referral fee in the process

Avenues to Wealth has a corporate management team with the wealth–building expertise committed to your success. They have helped many people  improve their financial education by providing wealth education products free to their members who also, enjoy discounted holidays and travel with private health plans; there is also the lucrative attraction of free vacations in selected locations as a bonus to distributors. Distributors also receive 60% of the sales revenue shared out each week. So, there is regular multiple streams of passive income coming in just by being a member of Avenues to Wealth


Article by Business & Wealth Coach. who has helped many people create multiple streams of income with an exclusive Business Mentoring program. Contact her at for the financial freedom in 12months strategy


Purchase Your Privilege Pack Now


Join the Leave a Legacy team today for personalized fast track training to grow your business click on the link below


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