How to Claim your bonus from the 

"Leave a Legacy" Team

1. Join Avenues to Wealth by clicking  HERE

2. Email me your username and date of joining using 

the contact us page

3. Once your membership to Avenues To Wealth is 

confirmed I will send you the link to download the 

training to Create 5 Income Generating Business Centres   



 Join Avenues To Wealth  today and Get free training to Create 5 Income Generating Business Centres

1. Video training on Consulting Riches to help you set up business as a Consultant

2. Guru Blogging System : Learn how to Make Money from your Blogs and be a Guru in any Niche with this step by step videos

3. Kick Start your Coaching program - Video Training on how to start your own business as a Life coach

4. Get Published - Discover how to Write, Print and Sell your own book plus MP3 audio

5. FaceBook Money - video Training shows you how to Turn your FaceBook account to an income generating machine

 Avenues To Wealth

 Privilege Pack Benefits 

  1. e-books worth $3,000

  2. Complimentary Vacation offer in Las Vegas or Thailand

  3. Discounted Short Stay offers to 14 Cities

  4. Access to Health Deals - Internationally and Locally

  5. Discounts on all everyday products

  6. Cashback opportunity on everyday purchases from Our Shop

  7. Complimentary advertisement opportunity worth thousands of dollars daily

  8. An opportunity to earn every monday morning in dollars - Green mondays!

  9. An opportunity to invest locally and internationally and earn dividends and profit

  10. Access to search portals that help you make savings on hotels around the world


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